2014-7-11 - Awards day 2014

The awards day was a great success with dozens of awards for our outstanding students! The boys worked very hard this year and it has been extremely difficult to select a few boys out of a mulittude of boys who have done well mashaaAllah. 

The boys were awarded with tropies, prizes and certificates to recognise their achievements and hard work for the Academic year 2013/2014. 

Well done!!!

Akhlaq Awards 2014 overall winners

1st Place: Abd Mateen Khairol (Yr 9) 

2nd Place: Amir Rahim (Yr 7)

3rd Place: Sulayman Khan (Yr 8) 

4th Place: Isa Waheed (Yr 10)

Headteacher's Awards 

Best Overall Performance: 

Year 7 

Ismael Abdur Rahman 

Amir Rahim 

Nabhan Misbah 

Year 8 

Ahmed Al Shagga 

Adil Yahie 

Year 9 

Abd Mateen Khairol 

Yahia Tehami 

Year 10 

Mizaan Shamaun

Isa Waheed 

Ahmed Gaber 

Most Improved Student Of The Year:

Year 7

Noor El-Sayed

Year 8

Ahmed Sherif Khalifa

Year 9

Yahia Tehami

Year 10

Waleed Osman

Bilal Tahiri

Sohaib Uddin

Highest Number of Commendations:

1st Place: Homam Limam (Yr 10)

2nd Place: Bilal Tahiri (Yr 10)

3rd Place: Ahmed Sherif Khalifa (Yr 8)