2014-11-4 - Brondesbury College visited by US Ambassador Barzun

Brondesbury College were honoured to welcome Ambassador Barzun to the school on Tuesday 4th November 2014. The Year 10 and 11 classes were given the opportunity to take part in an interactive talk with the Ambassador whereby they were able to express their views and develop their political awareness.

Below are some of the students’ thoughts on the Ambassador’s visit:


“You are the future leaders” These were the words of the great American Ambassador. I was intrigued, I felt motivated, escalated in society, I almost could imagine myself on par with people such as himself. It was a great day, he began by saying “This is not a lecture, we are going to have a great time” and we did! He was very funny and it was something for me to treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you Matthew Barzun. Zayn Hanif Year 10

I really enjoyed the visit from the American Ambassador. In that limited amount of time he taught us key things in order to be a successful leader. He taught us to listen. In order to be a leader you would have to listen to the people you are leading. I think Ambassador Barzun was a great man and a really good leader. He taught me things that I will personally never forget.  Sakaria Hassan Year 10

The American Ambassador’s visit was highly beneficial and inspiring. He broadened our knowledge about the vast nation he represents and taught us the answers to our sometimes tricky questions as he answered with respect and acknowledged us on both our concerns of confusion and even our hopes and inspirations and for it I am truly grateful.  
Yahia Tehami Year 10

The American Ambassador’s visit to Brondesbury was truly inspirational. He gave us a unique insight into the world of politics from the point of view of American opinion. I was pleased with how he interacted with us as young students, as this created a comfortable atmosphere to learn in. He also answered a lot of key questions asked by students in detail. He showed interest in our views as British students as well as our opinions on current issues throughout the world. Overall, I would say that the visit was not only entertaining but extremely educational for both me and my fellow class mates.
Bilal Mohsin Year 11

The experience I gained from the Ambassador’s visit was second to none, the main advice being to ‘listen’. I can reflect upon the characteristics and the etiquettes of the Ambassador, these characteristics being those of a leader. As I inspire to be in a leading position in the future, I can emulate these skills such as public speaking, body language and others.
Ikhlas Qazi Year 11

On hearing these students’ views it can clearly be seen that the Ambassador’s visit was highly beneficial to the students, giving them advice and learning curves for their future ahead. We hope to welcome Ambassador Barzun again to the school in the future!