2015-2-28 - Umrah Trip 2015

Alhamdulillaah, the Umraah Trip was an amazing success by the grace of Allaah. We all had a fantastic time from the students and parents to the volunteers and  teachers.

Day 1 

We arrived in Jeddah at 7am, swiftly taking a coach to Madinah and then blessed with the pleasure of praying Maghrib and Isha salaah in the Prophet’s (SAW) Masjid.

Day 2   

We prayed Jumuah in the Holy Masjid Nabawai, with a heart softening khutbah by Shaykh Hudaifey.

Day 3  

We visited the beautiful Ziyarah in Madinah including Masjid Quba Masjid Qiblatain, Mount Uhud and a Date farm that was once owned by Uthmaan radi'Allaahu anhu

Day 4  

With an emotional farewell, we parted from Madinah after Zuhr. We proceeded on to Makkah to perform Umraah. They boys were in chorus throughout the journey with the talbiyyah being recited and kept moist on their lips.

Day 5

The group performed their Umraah mashAllah. and continued their ebaadah in Makkah al-Mukarramah. MashAllah, the boys were eager & consistent in performing additional tawaaf around the stunning Ka'bah.

Day 7

Our Ebaadah continued in Makkah al-Mukarramah where some boys secured the honourable opportunity of kissing the black stone with some of the teachers. Later there was time for some last minute shopping .

Day 8

We departed from Makkah before Fajr returning home full of  yearning to return once again to this truly amazing place.

MashAllah, Shaykh Adam did an amazing job in explaining the Umraah rites and providing a key insight into the historical landmarks.

One volunteer said: "I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I will always pray for these boys and it's truly amazing and wonderful to see the relationship these young boys have with their teachers. The boys have shown maturity beyond their years. May Allaah azzawajall bless you all!"

We pray that Allaah subhanahu wat'ala accepts everybody's Umraah, salaah, sadaqah, tawaaf, tilawaat and all the good deeds done purely for His sake and pleasure alone and that these are weighty deeds on the Day of Judgment, Ameen!

We would like to thank the parents, who did an amazing job in helping to manage the boys and for being excellent company. We would also like to thank the brother who kindly donated the Umraah guides may Allaah azzawajall bless him and his family.