Brondesbury College PTA is a representative body comprising of parents and teachers of pupils at Brondesbury College who have volunteered to support the school in maintaining its superb standards. We meet once every six weeks for a Coffee Morning  to hear parents’ input and insight into matters concerning the school and also to discuss fundraising ideas and  extra-curricular activities.

The school’s mission is to strive to provide the best education in a secure Islamic environment through the knowledge and application of the Quran and Sunnah. The school seeks to maintain excellence in academic standards whilst participating in many extra curricula and inter-faith activities to ensure that the pupils are not only strong and knowledgeable in their faith but also equipped to be fully integrated and positive members of the wider community. BCB PTA‘s main goal is to have as many parents as possible supporting our students to be highly qualified for our dynamic fast-paced 21st century environment.

By helping the school, parents will be providing the tools we need to guide our Muslim students to not only succeed, but to excel in their chosen fields of study, INSHAA ALLAH.

Get Involved

At BCB we realize that each of our families is unique – with its own priorities, needs, talents, and time constraints .- and BCB PTA  try to provide as many different kinds of opportunities for parental involvement as possible. We do not need funding raising only, we need to know that you are interested in what we do. We need your skills and your suggestions. Put simply, we need YOU to get involved in our Parents & Teachers Committee.  Please email and let us know how you would like to GET INVOLVED.

Why join BCB PTA?

To support the school that supports our children in so many ways. I use the term our children deliberately, because here at BCB, we believe we are an extension from home. We are all part of a big family.I know that, together, we can make things happen. I know that, together, we can do the best for our children.

BCB PTA Members:

  • Chairperson: Ruqayah Amin
  • Deputy Chair & Secretary: Maryam Waheed
  • Treasurer: Meriam Bensaci
  • Teacher Representative: Mr Islam

Parents Reps: Nur Enver, Salma Rahman, Fatima Barakhatula, Amira Zubi, Shabnum  Ishaque, Mona Saleem, Ambreen Khan

Aims and Objectives 

  1. To raise money for school extras or essentials
  2. To support school in different events
  3. To provide a link between school (and thereby school staff) and home (and thereby parents and carers)
  4. To provide an important social function: to help strengthen the community of the school
  5. To be inclusive and involve all communities within the school
  6. To be responsive to the views and needs of parents and teachers
  7. To continue to evaluate the effectiveness of activities and how they are organised
  8. To provide opportunities for family fun!

Management & Organisation

There are meetings at least twice a term to discuss and plan activities and also to discuss issues of general interest to the school community. These are open meetings, and everyone is welcome.The minutes of these meetings will be  sent via email to all who have registered their details with BCB PTA.

The detailed planning and organisation of individual events/activities is handled by an individual or a sub-committee drawn from volunteers. You do not have to be a class rep to get involved in helping to run an event. New officers and class reps are appointed each year at the AGM and a full list of class reps and their telephone numbers is circulated to parents shortly after this.

Regular Activities:

  1. Meetings once every six weeks at 4pm, School Library
  2. Coffee Morning last MONDAY of the month at 9am, School Canteen
  3. PTA Tuck Shop every Friday from 10am to 11am – parents volunteers taking turns
  4. BCB BBQ – once a year  Spring Term
  5. Year 11 leaver’s farewell party

Other Activities

  1. Eid Fun Day
  2. First Aid Training – British Red Cross / St. John’s Ambulance
  3. Homework Club – Parent Volunteer
  4. Help with School Trips
  5. Help with School Projects
  6. Help with school events: Charity Evening / BBQ
  7. LAMDA Public Speaking Exams
  8. Debating Club / ESU Public Speaking Competition
  9. Jornalism Club / BBC SCHOOL REPORT
  10. Brent Youth Parliament
  11. House of Parliament Tours and Workshops
  12. Interviewing Skills Workshop

Financial Update

Accounts summary of funds raised and expenditures is available for your perusal at reception or upon request.

Making Contact

One of our central aims is to ease communications and social contact within the school community. Your class rep is your main point of contact for issues of general interest or concern relating to school life, and of course for any ideas/suggestions you may have concerning BCB PTA   and its activities. BCB PTA, however, cannot deal with concerns that you may have relating to a specific student, an individual teacher or the manner in which the curriculum is handled. Concerns of this nature should always be discussed with the teacher and/or head teacher.

We usually communicate via email,  SMS and / or by letter on a term basis to update you on activities, events or meetings.

Your Feedback:

What do YOU think?  How can we improve the role of BCB PTA?   Have you any new ideas for fund-raising events or schemes?  If so, please come along to the next meeting, or contact one of the committee.Alternatively, email