Application Process

The school is accepting applications for the 2024 - 2025 academic year (starting school in September 2024) for Year 7 only. Applications may be submitted until 24th July 2024.

The application process has 4 Stages as outlined hereunder. The Enrolment Policy, Application Form, and Fees Terms & Conditions are all available from the links further below.

STAGE 1: Making the Application

If you would like to apply to the school, you can access and submit the online Application Form from the link below.

Parents / Guardians are required to pay a non-refundable Application Fee of £150 per student.

STAGE 2: Entrance Examinations

Following receipt of your Application Form your child will be invited to sit our Entrance Examinations.

This will be a full day (usually on a weekend) during which your child will sit tests in English, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, and Verbal Reasoning. The examination papers are exclusive to our school and aim at assessing both the attainment and the potential of prospective students. The papers are not available in advance, however, some sample papers are given below. Entrance examination results are typically available one month after the examination date.

STAGE 3: Interview Procedure

If your child has successfully passed the Entrance Examinations, you will then be invited for an interview. Where appropriate, both parents must attend the interview with the child. If one parent is absent, the interview may be cancelled and rescheduled. Please see section 4 of the Enrolment Policy for details about the interview procedure.

STAGE 4: Offer of a Place & Enrolment

Either at the interview itself or shortly thereafter, you will be informed if your child is to be offered a place at the school. Where applicable, an offer letter will then follow in writing.

Once your child is offered a place at the school, you will be sent documents including the School Contract, Home/School Agreement, and a selection of school policies for your information. Details of the school uniform will also be provided at this stage. You will be required to complete and return the requisite documentation so that your child can be formally enrolled at the school.

In order to secure your child's place at the school, you will be required to pay a one-off Administration Fee of £150 and a Security Deposit of £650. Please see section 2 of the Fees Terms & Conditions or further details.

Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on the school's waiting list and contacted in the event of any vacancies.


Fee Terms & Conditions

Admission Application FormEnglish Specimen Paper

Maths Specimen Paper

Sample Mathematics Paper